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Broadway United Methodist Church is a family of God brought together in prayer, worship, and fellowship. We welcome and nurture the community. We learn the Word of God and share it with others. We try to care for one another as Jesus taught, and we trust that future generations may find the love of God through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

We are located at 115 1/2 West Broadway, in the beautiful city of Salem, NJ. Our worship service is at 9:30 am every Sunday and Sunday School begins at 10:45 am. Please come join us in fellowship!

Vacation Bible School - Let there be… Art of Creation +  

DATE: August 10th thru 14th
TIME: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
PLACE: Broadway United Methodist Church, 115 ½ W Broadway, Salem
Ages: 5 – 18 years old

Friday, August 14th is Family Night – bring the entire family!!
Art projects for everyone!!
The week will end with a Closing Ceremony and an Ice Cream Social!!!!

For More information: 609-744-4084 or 609-420-9772 or workersinmission@yahoo.com

2015 VBS Flyer

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Let There Be Art +  

Let There Be Art

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